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Introducing DIVE: Pivotree’s Machine Learning Service

Leverage Machine Learning to ignite your Master Data Management efficiencies.

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Meet DIVE – a Machine Learning platform that integrates with your existing MDM application to automate the manual data management processes that slow you down. We built DIVE to help companies optimize their Master Data Management processes and put their efficiency into high gear.

DIVE’s algorithm is built on a basis of continuous data analysis that uses existing information to further automate manual data processes.

Most Common Use Cases of Automation

Automated Mapping of Unstructured Data

DIVE automatically structures data from your vendor saving them time and making you their favorite customer.

Automated Product Classification

DIVE automatically classifies your raw data and sends back classification suggestions with 80-90% accuracy.

Automated Data Normalization

DIVE uses historical data and current trends to automatically generate business rules and standardize data.

Automated Product Recommendation

DIVE analyzes your Master Data Management and eCommerce data to generate recommendations and product references.

How It Works

DIVE Machine Learning

Through the customer portal, users can upload/delete catalogs, create models with cross-validation on selected attribute combinations, and update/re-train models to improve their results. DIVE will build specific models and provide metrics on the applicability of each model to the dataset. Plus, all portal functionality can be utilized via REST APIs for technical users.


SaaS Based Application

Multi-Tenant Architecture

API Accessibility

Configurable Machine Learning Algorithm

Custom Reports Capability

Multiple Data Domains Compatibility

How It Benefits Your Business

Aisle Opportunity

Endless Aisle Opportunity

With the ability to now handle hundreds of thousands of SKUs, your business can offer more products and better variety, as well as handle more vendors.

Improved Vendor Experience

Improved Vendor Experience

Manual information mapping can be a daunting task. Automated mapping streamlines the process and makes vendors love working with you.

Fast Time-to-Market

Faster Time to Market

Auto-classifying 80-90% of your product data helps get products to market faster.

Maximize Revenue Generation

Maximized Revenue Generation

Product recommendation directly impacts overall revenue with visitors more likely to return and buy based on a product suggestion.

Better Data Quality

Better Data Quality

Machine Learning automates many data management processes, which in return eliminates human error for improved data quality.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Improved Employee Satisfaction

By automating manual data processes, product managers can focus on high-value tasks that keep them engaged and motivated.

Automatic Product Classification

Did you know that on average it takes a company 30-45 seconds to classify one product SKU?

Potential time savings:
10,000 SKUs x 30 seconds = 83 hours

By automating a product classification process your company could be saving hundreds of hours on each product catalog update.

MDM Application Portfolio

Having helped customers all over the world with their data management journeys, we have gained deep knowledge and expertise in managing leading Master Data Management applications:

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