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How Pivotree’s sales operation team strategically chose to replatform its CPQ and Sales CRM to SAP Sales Cloud

July 17th 2019 2:00-3:00pm EST

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AWS & Oracle Commerce

Leveraging AWS with Oracle Commerce: The Deluxe Journey to Flexible Architecture

Deluxe Corporation is a $2 billion retailer with 30+ websites and 120+ other critical systems to manage…

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Headless eCommerce

An Honest Look Into Headless Commerce

An astounding 89% of Oracle Commerce customers are looking to leverage headless architecture over…

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Oracle Commerce on AWS

Lessons Learned from DestinationXL Running Oracle Commerce on AWS

With projected 83% cloud adoption among enterprise businesses by 2020, it is no longer a question of…

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Master Data Management

Getting Started with Master Data Management, Part 1

Successfully implementing MDM, as with most complex programs, requires a significant amount of change management besides…

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Getting Started with Master Data Management, Part 2

Successfully implementing MDM requires a significant amount of change management besides just the usual ‘let’s get it up and running’ approach…

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Oracle Commerce Evolution

Oracle Commerce Evolution Webinar

How Oracle Commerce Customers Are Leveraging Technology to Enable Innovation & Maximize ROI…

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SAP Hybris

Tenzing SAP Hybris 6 3 Upgrade Webinar with MEC

This webinar was recorded on June 28th, 2017 and features Erik Garrett and Jeff Dawes from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)…

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Oracle Cloud Commerce

Oracle Commerce in the Cloud Webinar

Are you thinking about moving your Oracle Commerce solution to the cloud? Learn from the experts how to get the most from your current application…

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DOSarrest DDoS Webinar

Tenzing and DOSarrest DDoS Webinar

Whether it’s the busy online holiday shopping season or any other time – a DDoS attack can bring your business to a grinding halt…

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Maximize Oracle Commerce

Maximizing Your Oracle Commerce ATG / Endeca Investments Webinar

Want to maximize the value or extend the life of your Oracle Commerce ATG or Endeca investments? Not ready…

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SAP Holiday Preparation

Tenzing SAP Hybris Holiday Preparation Webinar

Based on our vast experience helping ecommerce retailers prepare for the busiest six weeks of the year, now is the time to start planning…

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Ecommerce Holiday Preparation

Ecommerce Holiday Preparation Guide

Learn how leading retailers keep their sites performing under peak load, including details on how you can prepare your infrastructure…

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eCommerce Hosting Template

eCommerce Hosting RFP Template

The success of your online store has a lot to do with the partners you choose and an RFP is a great tool to help you…

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Online Store Questions

41 Questions Retailers Should Ask Their Development Partner (But Often Don’t)

The success of your online store has a lot to do with the partners you choose – here is our advice for the types of questions…

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User Engagement Metrics

10 User Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use

With our free ebook you’ll be able to recognize and interpret the 10 key metrics for measuring user engagement. Using free tools you’ll be able to..

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Electrical Distributors Ecommerce

Report: Ecommerce Priorities of Electrical Distributors

Examining the current ecommerce capabilities of leading companies serving the electrical industry in North America…

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Electrical Manufacturers eCommerce

Ecommerce Checklist for Electrical Distributors & Manufacturers

In the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for the electrical industry, the identification, distribution and sale…

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Automotive Industry Ecommerce

The New Age of Individual Automotive

Every sector of the automotive industry has been impacted by online technologies and changing consumer tastes. Central to this…

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Magento Best Practices

Monitoring Best Practices for Magento

Monitoring systems are an invaluable part of your ecommerce operation – they can alert you to problems before your customer experience is…

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Oracle Commerce Best Practices

Monitoring Best Practices for Oracle Commerce

With extensive experience monitoring Oracle Commerce we’re sharing our best practices, in time for you to implement them before the…

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