Noibu Error Monitoring and Resolution Services by Pivotree

Noibu Error Resolution Services by Pivotree

Every ecommerce site has bugs. With Pivotree and Noibu, you’ll have the platform and support you need to zap them for good.

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It’s time to lose the stigma. The fact is, every website has bugs. In ecommerce, these errors cause checkout blips, cart abandonment, revenue loss, and a poor customer experience.

Finding bugs is critical. Unfortunately, traditional error detection methods rely on confusing, incomplete user feedback (if you get any feedback at all).

Here’s the good news — With Noibu and Pivotree, you’ll finally have the right plan of attack. We’ll catch bugs on your site in real-time, analyze where and why they occurred, prioritize based on impact, and help zap them from your site for good.

Fast, tangible results that lead to significant ROI.

Noibu’s error monitoring platform, implementing by Pivotree Professional Services, helps you detect bugs and fix them as quickly as they occur.

The major benefit is sizeable ROI. By prioritizing and resolving errors, businesses like yours can potentially see millions of added revenue every year.


Third-party apps, redesigns, and different browsers/OS/devices can all cause bugs on your ecommerce site. Noibu flags them in real-time and creates step-by-step replays of how each bug occurred. Not only does our approach keep serious problems at bay — it improves your customer experience long term.


Your site could have dozens of errors. Which ones do you fix first? Noibu identifies the most critical bugs, and we take a strategic approach to resolution. When a problem directly impacts revenue, it goes to the top of the list.


Even if you identify the bugs on your site, your team may not have the time or resources to resolve them. As part of our Professional Services offering, Pivotree continually resolves your issues in the background, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

Don’t get set back by bugs. Let us fix them as quickly as they happen.

With Pivotree and Noibu, you can get back to what you do best — running a successful ecommerce site and profitable business.

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