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Do you want an innovative, cost-effective B2B or B2C Commerce-as-a-Service solution? Pivotree makes it simple with our Intershop implementations.

Pivotree Professional Services

Pivotree is rooted in our customer-for-life philosophy. This mission comes to life through the end-to-end services for commerce implementations on every platform we support.

Strategy and Design – Our experience is your advantage.

Pivotree captures your business objectives with a robust strategic planning process. Then our design team creates experiences that generate results, connect with your customers, and inspire loyalty and retention.

Implementation – Rely on our team to execute your plan and reach your goals.

We have one of the longest-standing ecommerce deployment teams on the planet with an extensive track record of successfully delivering complex and robust enterprise-grade ecommerce implementations.

Optimization and Support – Get the most out of your application.

Optimization is the name of the game. Once your Intershop implementation is fully operational, we provide strategic planning, business process refinement, and ongoing system improvements to help you keep up with industry growth.

Benefits of the Intershop E-Commerce Platform

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Intershop offers tailored ecommerce solutions for various industries, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and SMEs.

Global Footprint

Global Footprint

With its worldwide network of customers and partners, Intershop can help you succeed regardless of your geographic particularities.

Omnichannel Innovation

Omnichannel Innovation

With Intershop’s API, you can be IoT or voice search enabled by connecting your commerce platform to devices on numerous channels.

Ideal for both B2C and B2B

Ideal for both B2C and B2B

Intershop handles personalized e-procurement processes and advanced shopping cart and order functionality, aiding both B2B and B2C buyers.

End-to-end Implementations

End-to-end Implementations

You can implement Intershop as an end-to-end PIM, OMS, and commerce solution, or it can be a Headless solution when using your own products.

Future Vision

Future Vision

Intershop has been constantly innovating for over 25 years. When your business needs change, their solution will adapt with you.

Why Choose Pivotree for your Intershop Implementation

Our experience, our dedication, and our abilities help you thrive and grow.

Access to our leadership team

Our experienced leadership team will dive into the strategic process with you.

Customer for life philosophy

Your success is our success. We want to guide you through your project from implementation to future innovations.

A single vendor for all your needs

We’re the only end-to-end provider supporting clients from strategy, platform selection, deployment, and hosting through to ongoing support.

Buy Online, Pickup In-store (BOPIS)

Get back to business with BOPIS and Curbside Management

Do you have brick-and-mortar stores with inventory to sell, and cannot currently do so through your e-commerce platform? Our solution can be rapidly integrated with ANY commerce platform, and can get you back to business within weeks.In this product brief, we detail the different features of our BOPIS solution. You can pick and choose only the components that you need to enable a safe and socially-distanced commerce experience for your customers, streamlining implementation and training time.

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