Virtual Associate Solution (Assisted Selling)

Product Brief

Utilize Assisted Selling, a Virtual Associate Solution

Part of our Social Distancing Commerce Enablement Solutions.

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Product Brief

Virtual Associate Solution(Assisted Selling)

Part of our Social Distancing Commerce Enablement Solutions.

To help get companies back to business, Pivotree is introducing a Virtual Associate Solution(Assisted Selling) for any commerce platform that can be integrated within a matter of weeks, creating same-quarter ROI. Even with social distancing, the brand your team has worked hard to build can make sure customers get what they need when they need it – and safely.

This product brief includes info on the different components of the Virtual Associate Solution, including:

  • Live Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Customer Directory
  • Sales Companion
  • Appointment Booking, and
  • Associate Console

Additionally, this brief includes information on timelines and deliverables, as well as 12 ways your choice to integrate Virtual Selling will impact your same-quarter ROI.

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