Enhance Supplier Engagement with Informatica Sales Enablement

Enhance Supplier Engagement with Informatica Sales Enablement

Help your company achieve proactive, automated, and impactful relationships with suppliers through Pivotree’s Informatica Sales Enablement solution.

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Virtually all businesses have supplier relationships. Unfortunately, instead of reaping the rewards of collaboration, many companies are caught up in complexity and cost because they lack the technology, support and processes needed to reach desired levels of engagement with suppliers. Poor data quality deepens these issues, with sluggish onboarding, supplier fraud, and wasted resources.

The 5-Step Journey to Vendor Digital Engagement

Your company’s path to building an impactful relationship with your suppliers can be achieved with Pivotree’s five-step journey, which gives you the tools to create desired levels of engagement.

Internal Ingestion of Data Icon

1. Internal Ingestion of Data

Manual collection of data and digital assets from supplier, with questionable completeness and accuracy.

Providing Automation to Your Suppliers Icon

2. Providing Automation to Your Suppliers

Suppliers upload data into a portal. Labor intensive for suppliers, but completeness and accuracy is improved.

Providing Value Icon

3. Providing Value

Suppliers incentivized to visit portal through value-added promotions. Deeper relationships, more frequent data updates, changes recognized earlier, and two-way engagement.

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4. Digital Engagement

Expanded use of portal. Collects product information and supplier contact and location data. Supplier interactions increase and costs are lowered.

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5. Full Digital Engagement

Tools enable proactive supplier engagement. Communication channels expand (email, calls, texts), suppliers act faster (renewals, product data updates, etc.), and suppliers are engaged like a customer.

Challenges Our Informatica Sales Enablement Solution Helps Solve

Innovation through new, unhindered resources.

Low visibility that impacts decisions.

Redundant workload and manual processes.

High management costs that create obstacle to new initiatives.

Extended onboarding that delays new products.

Difficulty assessing supplier’s risk, compliance, and performance.

Informatica Sales Enablement Key Features

We have comprehensive service and support options so your company can reach desired levels of digital engagement with suppliers.

Cloud Hosting for MDM

Cloud Infrastructure Availability & Performance

Monitor the performance of CPU, disk, and memory against agreed upon thresholds and resolve infrastructure issues impacting performance and security. You can also implement and manage key security controls including OS vulnerability patching, firewall, VPN, and antivirus.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

Get 24/7 support for critical infrastructure issues that cause severe business impact as well as support for any issues related to the Pivotree Cloud infrastructure hosting the MDM application.

Database Admin Service

Be at ease with backups and recovery, including 7-day archive logs and emergency database recovery. Other database admin services include:

  • Object-level recovery assistance
  • Ad hoc database refreshes/cloning
  • Performance Assessment once a year and at go-live
  • DB Application Patch management
  • Capacity management and monitoring
Managed Application Services

Application Availability & Maximization

Maximize the availability of your MDM application and monitor and ensure the availability of third-party prerequisite services including JBoss, Wildfly, PIMQL, Tomcat, Java, MongoDB, Rabbit MQ, and Elastic Search.

Root Cause Analysis of Application Issues

Perform root cause analysis on application issues based on customer requests. We may also be able to help address the problem or bring the issue to the MDM vendor’s attention.

24/7 Support During UAT

Get 24/7 access to resources for system adjustments including infrastructure and database.

Patch Management

We will inform customers when patches are ready with available patches including a hot fix patch, Point Release Management, and Configuration Release Management. You can schedule patch installation for QA, test, and production and determine the order of installation.

Functional Application Services

Manage Scheduled Activities

Change schedules, add parameters, and make modifications to data models to address issues with any scheduled activities that are not completed successfully.

Business Hours Application Support

Get help desk support with any application-related request submitted by the customer. Types of business hours application support include:

  • Deployment support
  • Data model adjustment
  • Attribute definition adjustment
  • Import & export template management
  • User interface adjustment
  • Product reclassification assignment
  • Taxonomy and hierarchy maintenance
  • Scheduled activities management

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