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Digital Commerce and Data Management Solutions

The world of commerce and data management requires contentious innovation in order to keep up with the moving target that is your customer’s changing needs.

From Machine Learning to Headless UI, Pivotree proactively invests in the latest digital technologies to develop custom eCommerce and master data management solutions that seamlessly connect your online and offline commerce experiences.

Leverage Machine Learning To Enhance Your MDM

DIVE is a Machine Learning platform that plugs into your existing Master Data Management application to automate a number of data management processes that are performed manually today.

We built this platform with the intention of helping companies optimize their existing MDM processes and make them significantly more efficient. DIVE’s algorithm is built on a basis of continuous data analysis that uses existing information to further automate the data processes such as Automated Mapping of Unstructured Data, Automated Product Classification, Automated Data Normalization, and Automated Product Recommendation.

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Unify Your Cloud Innovations with Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a technology stack designed to be the translator and peacekeeper between all of your cloud-architected applications.

It’s fueled by an abstraction layer that allows companies to rapidly deploy and host any application with security and consistency. Atmosphere thrives in any environment, whether it be a major cloud provider or Pivotree’s own private infrastructure. You can even implement a hybrid approach and use different cloud providers for different areas of your business.

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Headless Acceleration Framework

Pivotree’s propietary Headless Accelerator Framework for CMS and Commerce applications allows clients to leverage headless architecture faster (when compared to connecting the front-end directly to the back-end systems) while also significantly reducing front-end development and back-end system integration costs.

As our Framework is platform-agnostic, it reduces your business’s dependency on any commerce technology, making it easy to build microservices or to re-platform in the future. Customers have reported as much as a 70% decrease in Oracle Commerce usage, saving a company tens of thousands of dollars.

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Custom Plugins and Modules

We have extensive experience with custom-developing plugins and modules for various commerce systems, including ATG PayPal Integration Module, Oracle Database Plugin for New Relic, Endeca Plugin for New Relic, ATG PCI Encryption Module, as well as a number of custom extensions for SAP.

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Report — Delivering Frictionless Commerce

Want to know what 3,800 consumers think about frictionless experiences? In this 2021 research study report, we dive into the six dimensions of frictionless commerce and show businesses how they can optimize the digital customer experience.

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