Optimizing Your Business and Technology for Accelerated Growth

With a collaborative approach, Pivotree’s eCommerce expertise ensures your technology and business strategies always keep pace.

With constant shifting in the modern digital landscape, it’s easy to get left behind. Not on our watch.

Pivotree’s optimization services and eCommerce/MDM service provider expertise work together to ensure your commerce and data management technology and business strategies keep up with evolving customer expectations.

Supporting Your Ongoing Digital Journey

On-Going Strategic Planning

Re-platforming, re-branding or expanding your technology stack? Pivotree helps you define your digital strategy for any of your upcoming projects.

Business Process Refinement

Any organizational change requires new processes. Our team of consultants help you refine and implement rules within your organization.

Integration and System Optimization

Integrating new and existing eCommerce and data management platforms is crucial as your business expands. Our digital solution architects ensure your integration is seamless.

Code Review

For optimal performance, your application requires no bugs or glitches in the code. Our digital experts review your code and recommend improvements.

Load Testing

To prep your system, we mimic your real traffic, identify your current capabilities, and provide actionable insights for improvements to your technology infrastructure and processes.


From hardware and networks to custom code and 3rd party integrations – we analyze your systems and provide recommendations for improvement.

Strategic Technology Experts to Guide Every Step

Resource Augmentation

Do you have a temporary staffing need or special project? Take advantage of our fully-staffed resource pool to hire a subcontractor. Resource examples include Solutions Architect, Solution Consultant, Technical Consultant or Integration Expert.

Continued Enhancements and Special Projects

Whether you need to build a custom integration, introduce a new ERP system, redesign your website, or ensure your regulations compliance requirements are in check, Pivotree can design a custom digital solution tailored for your timeline and budget.

Major upgrade planning and supporting

Is your application provider releasing a new software version? Pivotree will prepare your code and infrastructure to ensure compatibility with the new release, so you can quickly benefit from the new features and upgrades.

Strategic IT architecture planning

Aligning your technology investment with your organizational goals is our sweet spot. Whether you’re expanding your business or going global, we can (re)design your architecture to ensure flexibility for growth.

TGI Fridays eCommerce

“They have been absolutely great partners. They have gotten to know our business, and helped us work through any challenges.”

– Gail Seanor, Sr. Director, Marketing Technology, TGI Fridays
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Application Portfolio

Our team of specialized digital consultants has years of experience expanding, modifying, and integrating digital solutions for a range of eCommerce and MDM applications:

Magento Platforms
Oracle Commerce Platforms
Elastic Path Platforms
Intershop Platforms

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