MDM Advisory Services

Master Data Management (MDM) Advisory Services

You don’t have to climb that data mountain.
Let Pivotree guide you down a proven path.

Talk to a MDM Advisory Expert

Scaling the heights to drive value from your data can be intimidating, but with Pivotree, you’ve got Master Data Management & Governance experts to lead the way. Whether you already have an MDM platform or you’re exploring your options, Pivotree offers solutions in Strategy, Analysis, Design, and Implementation to help you accomplish all your data and commerce goals using the data management tools that best suit your particular situation.

Master Data Management Delivers Results

Increased Revenue

MDM implementation and optimization solutions opens up endless possibilities for increased revenue. From superior customer targeting and acquisition to creating new revenue channels, better data management software leads to a new wave of sales opportunities.

Reduced Costs

By optimizing your data management, you can reduce operating costs through shipping efficiencies, improved inventory management, and enhanced asset management. We can help you select and implement the data management tools that best suit your particular situation.

Expand Product Lines

Want to expand your online offerings? With MDM, you have the agility you need to respond to market trends. If you need to quickly launch a product, extend to endless aisle, or sell in the latest marketplace, optimized data management makes these strategic actions easier than ever.

Services that Meet You Where You Are

  • MDM Awareness Training
    Our team introduces you to Master Data Management, with guidance on how it can push your business forward, the benefits it can provide your business, and common roadblocks and pitfalls.
  • MDM Maturity Assessment
    You understand MDM, but are you ready for implementation? We provide expert master data management analysis and assess your data, processes, and technology – then provide scorecards that indicate which areas to improve and how.
  • Data Governance Assessment
    How well have you defined your data and the accountabilities needed to develop data as an asset? We evaluate your processes for establishing clear roles and responsibilities, as well as creation, maintenance, and usage of business terms.
  • Data Quality Assessment
    You can’t reap all the benefits of MDM if your data quality isn’t up to the task. We’ll evaluate its current state and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Business Value Assessment
    Everyone wants to know when the. We’ll show you how quickly you’ll see bottom-line benefits from an MDM implementation and how the value of the investments will grow over time.
  • Data Optimization Training
    We don’t just provide suggestions for optimizing your data, we empower your team through training. Our experienced, master data management analysts teach you best practices on how to develop data that drives commercial value.
  • Site & Search Analytics Audit
    What are your online customers searching for? Are they finding it on your website? We give you the verdict and show you ways to improve customer experience and increase order conversion rate.
  • Channel Analysis
    The demand for data is growing exponentially, and in some sectors is doubling year-over-year. We analyze the frequency and types of requests made by external channels, like Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart, helping you drive better results with your third-party channels.
  • Competitive Benchmarking
    How does your online customer experience stack up to the competition? We’ll provide an analysis and help you set benchmarks for success.
  • Technical Solutions Architecture
    We can begin with a high-level technical architecture overview, providing your “as is” and “to be” targets.
  • Technical Implementation Roadmap
    We’ll provide a detailed, phased approach to your technology implementation, complete with milestones and metrics so you’ll know the targets to aim for at every step.
  • MDM Implementation Roadmap
    MDM implementation is a journey, and we’ve got the map. We’ll lay out a plan for each step from basecamp to summit, with success criteria clearly defined.
  • Data Governance Charter
    You understand that data is important, but why, how, and where do you begin?  We help you determine a mission, vision, and responsibilities for how your data will be governed and to what purpose.
  • Prioritized Use Cases
    As you move toward technology decisions, which MDM features will make the biggest impact for your organization? Identifying the most strategic use cases up-front drives platform selection and implementation decisions.
  • Platform Scorecards & Recommendation
    Based on your use cases, we tally up the score (with weighted evaluation criteria) and provide recommendations for which platform will drive your business forward.
  • Technical Implementation
    This is where the rubber meets the road. We will successfully implement the MDM platform necessary to support your business using the most appropriate data management tools.
  • Change Management Planning
    Change can be challenging. We’ll help you define the roles and activities required to successfully drive your MDM initiative, and provide the planning required to ensure a smooth transition during and after the MDM deployment.
  • Data Governance Implementation
    Once your data governance charter is in hand, it’s time to put methods into motion. We provide the training and support to meet and exceed your data-related objectives.

Why Pivotree?

We provide a dedicated team to guide your MDM journey.

We Dig into the Details

Our advisors don’t just make an MDM recommendation based on the size of your company. We get to know your current processes, team capabilities, and your vision for the future. By getting to know you, we provide the best guidance to take your organization to the next level.

We Have Proven Data Governance Frameworks

Our talented consulting team has created many data governance frameworks and defined best practices to catapult organizations into a new reality of advanced data management. We’re ready to do the same for you. With MDM Advisory Services from Pivotree, you can benefit from our end-to-end solutions to help you at any point in your MDM journey.

We Offer Expertise Based on Experience

At Pivotree, we have over 20 years of experience in helping companies drive big results through MDM and we know the technology inside and out. Through strategy, design, and implementation support, we’ll help your company move into an exciting new phase.