SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud Implementations from Pivotree

Enable your sales team to experience sales velocity – to sell more, and sell faster.

Improving a sales rep’s experience improves your customer’s experience. Sales reps who are empowered with faster access to relevant information, faster ability to deliver quotes, and faster access to contract processing, are empowering customers to be able to buy the products and services they want to satisfy their needs.

SAP Sales Cloud has been a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader 6x in a row. 24% more sales reps achieve annual sales quota with mobile access to their CRM.
(source: Aberdeen Group)

How can SAP Sales Cloud make both your sales reps’ and customers’ experiences better?

SAP Sales Cloud automates the quote-to-cash cycle. With it, you can configure quotes for complex offerings in minutes – much more efficiently and accurately than the several-day-long process of manual quote configuration. Sales automation with SAP Sales Cloud makes your administration more intuitive and complete, so sales teams can plan for the future with forecasting and pipeline management, and take action to get deals moving.

Create a frictionless buying experience, so customers are not waiting for important information they need to make a buying decision.

Accelerate sales planning iwth the ability to monetize offers to meet your business objectives. Ensure reps are motivated by topline objectives.

Increase CRM adoption by making it advantageous for sales reps to use your investment to its full potential and see benefits in their individual work.

Why choose Pivotree to implement SAP Sales Cloud?

With over 15 years of experience with complex ecommerce implementations and 20+ years of hosting complex ecommerce environments, we understand the end-to-end omnichannel customer journey and how sales, marketing, service, and ecommerce can all support each other. In helping our customers achieve omnichannel commerce success, we’ve had to help our clients achieve one view of the customer across all channels, benefiting the entire organization.

We also have a long-standing relationship with SAP Customer Experience as a valued added reseller. This means SAP trusts us to help its software customers achieve success with its products, and that when you’re engaged with us, we are a cohesive team working towards your best interests.

We also use SAP Sales Cloud in our own organization. We can walk you through our decision to invest in this platform, and help you decide if it’s right for your needs.

We have a sales and service team that understands SAP Sales Cloud from platform analysis, to purchase and configuration, implementation, and utilization.

We have 20+ years of experience in digital transformation services, meaning you have access to a breadth of executive knowledge spanning centuries.

We have a customer-for-life philosophy. We want to help you Adapt Relentlessly through the various cycles of your overall digital strategy.

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SAP Sales Cloud accelerates your team’s ability to satisfy customer needs

Sales cloud can help you understand your customer better, turn critical insights into effective actions, and sell your product or service anytime or anywhere.

SAP CPQ makes offering customers the right product at the right place with the right configuration at the right time seamless and efficient. It even helps on-board sales reps to enable them to sell new products and services more quickly. Integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud, it can also allow you to sell more complex, configurable products through your ecommerce channels, allowing sales reps to focus on customers who may want more in-depth discussions before purchasing, and enabling customers who already know what they want to purchase products or services more efficiently from your brand.

Incentivize your sales team while staying in line with your company’s overall goals. Sales reps can forecast their potential compensation to encourage them to close the deals in their pipeline, and allows for friendly competition between reps. All the while, it gives you a single view of their activity so you can have a clear insight into what makes a high-performer at your company, and translate that data into better management of your overall team to increase overall performance.

Allow your sales team to use tools they’re already accustomed to in order to take advantage of your customer data stored in SAP Sales Cloud. They can view their leads, opportunities, and other valuable data from their Outlook application, which they’re already using on day-to-day basis, to stay on top of the tasks they need to complete in order to provide great experiences to customers.

Allow both your sales reps and sales management to easily access data they need in order to make strategic decisions for their own compensation, and for the overall strategic goals of the company. Review team’s needs for support in different product or service areas, and assign team members to help where needed in order to ensure customers’ needs are being met.

Key Features of SAP Sales Cloud

Quotes and Contracts

  • Product Configuration, streamlined
  • Fast custom offer creation to simplify pricing and discounts
  • Mobile, centralized access so that sales reps can use the platform from any mobile device
  • Secure, collaborative negotiation portal

Sales Performance Management

  • Improved commission management to eliminate overpayments and accelerate calculations
  • Align sales territories to strategic company goals
  • Accelerate plan implementation for fast sales execution
  • Reduce manual spreadsheet maintenance with real-time updates

Billing and Revenue Management

  • Automate order lifecycle management across multiple systems
  • Seamlessly fulfill orders across front- and back-end order fulfillment.
  • Billing and invoice management for subscriptions, one-time billing, and usage-based billing scenarios
  • Automate revenue recognition for compliance with IFRS 15 and ASC 606

Augmented Intelligence

  • Align your plans to corporate goals with real-time prescriptive recommendations
  • Stop losing dollars with automatic outlier detection
  • Personalized recommendations for each sales rep to help their individual revenue contributions
  • Use machine learning without specialized data science skills

Sales Content

  • Find the content you need from different sources to help a customer understand their choices better
  • Maintain a library of content to build a better content strategy
  • Access content on mobile and offline so sales reps are ready anywhere
  • Improve sales content with insight into what is most impactful to customers

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