The Project

ALDO and Pivotree began working together in 2015 to upgrade ALDO’s SAP Hybris platform. Pivotree, a leader in frictionless commerce solutions, came in at a critical time in ALDO’s digital transformation when they needed a long-term partner with an agile development approach and customer-first philosophy. Cultural alignment played a key role in ALDO’s decision to trust Pivotree as a partner that would help not only in delivery but in strategically furthering their internal capabilities to remove friction throughout their customer experience. 

With a vision to become the world’s leading footwear and accessory brand, and with a strong customer-centric focus, it was natural that ALDO would emphasize customer experience as the foundation for their digital strategy. Using a modern, services-oriented approach, ALDO set out to lead the fashion footwear industry online with an isomorphic Javascript front-end. Pivotree was responsible for delivering the back­ end services required to realize the front-end vision and provided skilled front-end resources to support the ALDO team.

As an organization, ALDO has managed to successfully break down the silos between channels so that the in-store experience connects seamlessly with the online experience, resulting in a truly customer-centric omnichannel offering. Building upon this foundation, ALDO and Pivotree are driving past omnichannel towards a truly Unified Commerce experience.

Unified Commerce intertwines centralized data sources with technology and business workflows so all components of an organization’s innovation roadmap can be executed seamlessly in concert with stakeholders and the greater goals across an organization. It does this by creating a single source of truth for an organization’s data including services like transactions, customers, products and inventory and opening this data for usage across a company’s entire technology stack and workforce. This is leveraged to direct all commerce transactions into a singular flow. This will also enable a Composable Commerce approach, picking the best-in-class technology for each piece of ALDO’s customer experience.

ALDO worked with Pivotree to successfully deliver an industry-leading commerce experience that would:

  • Establish the technical foundation for the future vision of Unified Commerce
  • Provide an exceptional and unified customer experience across all channels
  • Increase sales
  • Increase customer loyalty & satisfaction
  • Scale eCommerce operations and expand into new geographic markets
  • Scale and innovate faster and more easily
  • Reduce friction in all customer service channels by driving towards a single source of truth for client and order management data

Project Stages

Site Refresh

This project included some new features as well as a site “refresh” that supported ALDO’s new branding guidelines with site-wide font and content consistency. Other changes included store availability improvements, mobile improvements, the evolution of the Customer Service Cockpit, CRM integration, introduction of dropshipping abilities, the addition of gift card sales and customer service pages as well as integrations with fraud detection services and A/B testing.

Headless Design

The next project included some major changes including a total site redesign and a completely new architecture. Isomorphic design using React.js was used to implement a Headless architecture that allows ALDO to make more frequent updates to site content.

Cloud Migration

This project was focused on migrating ALDO’s SAP Commerce instance from being self-managed and hosted to SAP Cloud. With this, ALDO will benefit from operational efficiencies, and managing costs. ALDO does not need to manually provision new servers in anticipation of traffic spikes, or overpay for under-utilized hardware. This also unlocks several cloud-only features.

Point of Sale (POS) and Order Management System (OMS) Replacements

Both the POS and OMS integration phases would require testing and change management in order to be able to launch widely. When embarking on the journey to Unified Commerce, ALDO realized that both their POS and OMS components would not meet their needs, and came to Pivotree early in the decision-making process to replace them. Now that they were modernizing their commerce channels, POS and OMS were recognized as hindrances and needed to follow a similar modernization process.