This international retailer understands that SAP Commerce success requires specialized expertise and support. The retailer had a strong internal development team, but knew they needed a partner that could help them evolve and meet specific support requirements. So, they turned to Pivotree.

For over five years, the client has leveraged Pivotree’s reliable team and ample resources — including a unique support model (detailed below) — for their strategic long-term initiatives. With Pivotree as their SAP Commerce partner, they gain flexibility and security knowing their customers’ experience is always maintained and effectively improved.

Adapting Relentlessly

Throughout the engagement, Pivotree has helped the retailer adapt to the ever-changing commerce environment. The client engaged Pivotree to upgrade their SAP Commerce platform twice. Early improvements included a European expansion and a major site refresh. Midway through our relationship, we helped the client introduce strategic product categories which involved a new, innovative site structure. This helped them gain brand credibility with forward-thinking demographics. More recently, we created a quick-launch solution to support the client’s franchisee network with digital commerce enablement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pivotree works with our long-term clients to Adapt Relentlessly. With our specialized support, this client’s channels continue to provide necessary revenue in a volatile economy with great site stability on SAP Cloud.

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Creating a New Support Model

Pivotree created a new support model for SAP Commerce Cloud, due to SAP Cloud acting as the hosting provider. This new model allows us to concentrate on core business functions as a dedicated team. These functions include:

Applications Enhancements

Our professional development team works under the client’s direction to plan, execute, and test solutions. The client now has access to a team of e-commerce professionals to carry out strategic development without needing to focus on training or retention of a larger team. This is also preventative, ensuring that potential issues with third-party applications are discovered early and quickly addressed.

Operations Support and CorrectiveMaintenance

Operations Support encompasses general support for the client’s e-commerce team. Corrective maintenance services span investigations, code fixes, testing, documentation, performance / load / security testing, configuration / code / release management, and follow-up on communication.


As part of Pivotree’s Customer-for-Life model, this gives the client’s project stakeholders access to the Pivotree executive suite and other groups to monitor the progress of the engagement.