Welcoming Codifyd Inc. as a Pivotree Company

Meet our latest addition:

Welcoming Codifyd Inc. as a Pivotree Company

On November 4, 2021 we announced the acquisition of Codifyd Inc. by Pivotree. This latest acquisition will enhance our capability in the data management business as a foundational component of our frictionless commerce strategy.


What does that mean for Pivotree?

Pivotree will rapidly scale its existing multi-domain MDM practice. It will also bring additional capabilities to market, empowering leading brands to efficiently acquire, manage and enhance data across all channels to enable trusted frictionless experiences for consumers.

The expanded data management strategy capability will enable Pivotree customers to leverage their data to achieve digital transformation objectives. With the addition of the content service practice, customers will also benefit from data optimization to deliver exceptional customer experiences in digital commerce.

Learn more about all the products, MDM technologies and frictionless possibilities that Pivotree can now offer with this latest venture:

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Bill Di Nardo, Pivotree CEO, talks about the acquisition