Bridge Solutions Group is now a Pivotree Company

Meet our latest addition:

Bridge Solutions Group is now a Pivotree Company

On September 17, 2021 we announced the acquisition of Bridge Solution Group by Pivotree, expanding our frictionless commerce product portfolio into supply chain management.


What does that mean for Pivotree?

The acquisition is transforming Pivotree’s ability to deliver end-to-end frictionless experiences for customers by providing a single entity to manage their commerce operations from transaction all the way to supply chain management. 

Pivotree will add and build on the Yantra Commerce solution set, including the Yantra WMS, IMS and Control Tower products that provide visibility, analytics and supply chain integration tools tailored to real world IT and business needs.


Learn more about all the products, technologies and frictionless possibilities that Pivotree can now offer with this latest venture:

Read the Press Release

Bill Di Nardo, Pivotree CEO, talks about the acquisition