Pivotree, provider of end-to-end commerce and MDM services, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2019 B2B Online Conference in Chicago, April 29th-May 1st. Pivotree CEO and ecommerce pioneer Bill Di Nardo will chair the afternoon track on day 1: “Omni- and Operational Excellence”. Visit Pivotree at Booth #502 to discuss B2B digital transformation needs.

The annual conference brings together industry-leading software and services companies, B2B digital commerce industry experts, and forward-thinking manufacturing and wholesale brands for a 3-day event. Topics center around digital transformation of B2B companies, and in addition to educational presentations, panels, and case studies, B2B Online offers chances to network and discover new opportunities to engage customers in innovative and modern ways.

“We are proud to sponsor B2B Online for our second year in a row. It is a place we’ve seen an exceptional amount of thought leadership, innovative ideas, and companies who are willing to make strategic moves in their digital transformations in order to stay relevant and ahead of their competition,” said Bill Di Nardo, CEO of Pivotree. “The track I will chair on Omni- and Operation Excellence is going to showcase several of the best B2B digital transformation stories in the industry, from their executives’ strategies to their internal cultural shifts and tangible outcomes. It should be of interest to any leaders managing the challenges of digital transformation in an omnichannel world.”

With the current rate and magnitude of technological change facing B2B companies due to competition from behemoths such as Amazon, leaders in this space are making disruptive choices in order to stay relevant and in some cases, reach new heights and grow. Challenges testing this group are a tendency to be tied to legacy technology, a need for change management for both salespeople and customers, difficulty implementing high-quality PIM systems to handle their vast numbers of SKUs, and other issues unique to the relationship-based B2B ecosystem. Pivotree is helping clients mitigate these risks with their robust strategic planning processes – they capture business objectives, align them with astute technological choices, and offer enterprise-grade Commerce and MDM platform implementations and continuous improvement that ensure those objectives are met.

Di Nardo will share his organization’s deep industry and technology knowledge as part of his chairperson role, but he also invites B2B organizations to visit the Pivotree team at Booth #502. “We see the changing landscape of commerce and what it takes to shift and adapt ahead of competitors. This changing landscape places companies at a crossroads: keep up, or get left behind. We want to talk to organizations facing this challenge and understand what their objectives are so we can help guide them along the right path,” finished Di Nardo.

Visit https://b2bmarketing.wbresearch.com/ to learn more about B2B Online.

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