Here’s a small snippet of checkstyle being run on Apache Tomcat’s source.  Unfortunately, the project does not come with any XSLT renderers. However, output can be directed into an XML file and a custom renderer could be made.

Final Thoughts

Arguably, PMD, FindBugs and Checkstyle are the most popular open source java code analyzers out there today. There is a good amount of overlap between them, but each provides a unique service. The ideal static code analyzer would combine PMD, FindBugs and Checkstyle, so all aspects of coding practice could be covered.

One open source project bears mentioning – Sonar.  Without any heavy experimenting, Sonar wraps PMD, FindBugs and Checkstyle into one package, plus more. A big drawback to Sonar is that it requires a database and hosting on a web server. PMD, FindBugs and Checkstyle can be downloaded and running on source code in less than five minutes.

Regardless of what software package is used, running a static code analyzer is a great idea for java projects. Not only do they enforce project-wide coding standards, but they help prevent buggy code from reaching a critical environment. Best of all, some of the best java source code analyzers are open source.