Pivotree Values Guiding Our COVID-19 Response

Pivotree Values Guiding Our COVID-19 Response

Governed by Pivotree’s core values, our leadership team and employees are working together to adapt and respond as we help clients work through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The following values have defined our early response efforts and will continue to guide our decisions and communication with our people, community, clients, and partners.

Flatten the Curve

Health and safety remain the first priority, and we are dedicated as a company to being good global citizens. We will continue to provide our employees with all the resources they need to work from home, forgo travel, and retain social distancing guidelines for their own safety as well as the health of our communities.

Open Communications

We will provide regular, open, and honest communications with our employees, clients, partners, and community. Through compassion and empathy, we will continue to do everything we can to keep people informed and prepared.

Prioritize Our People

Core to any business is its people, and we will continue to prioritize our employee salaries and health benefits through these uncertain economic times.

Maintain Unity

We are a diverse and global business but we act as ONE. Building a culture of shared sacrifice allows us to stand united – we are stronger together.

Adapt Relentlessly

We will listen to our customers and partners and adapt relentlessly to their changing needs. Whether that’s supporting creative cost savings, optimizing their systems, getting new commerce services up and running quickly, or accommodating shifting project proprieties – we are here to help.

Essential Service

More than ever before, our business is an essential service keeping clients’ digital commerce thriving – which, for many in the food and medical supply industries, has become critical to community and health response. Our company will approach every day as a defining moment to serve our clients with unwavering support.


We understand that this is a difficult time for us all. Many of our vendors and partners are facing the same challenges. Our people will continue to respond with support and goodwill gestures in navigating this crisis.

Retain Optimism

This crisis will turn around, and we will come through stronger together. The actions we take now will aid us in the short term, and prepare us for the long term as well.