COVID-19 CEO Response

Pivotree Adapting to COVID-19

No one has witnessed anything like what we are living through today. As a team, we often focus on helping businesses respond to the unexpected, and now we join the global community in putting those practices into motion. We know planning will be important, yet our ability to adapt to new information will be key.

As a result, we have focused early efforts on defining the values that will guide our decisions (you can find the list of Pivotree values here developed in response to COVID-19). Our company has also implemented a quick response focused on caring for our people, acting as global citizens, and ensuring our clients receive continuous delivery of their essential services.


Help ‘flatten the curve’ – The health and safety of our people and community come first

Health and safety remain our first priority. We took swift action to prioritize our people, enacting remote/work-from-home policies to protect our employees and support global efforts to flatten the curve. We’ve taken steps to ensure our employees have all the resources they need to effectively work from home, along with travel restrictions to ensure no one is asked to travel for work.

We remain focused on compassionate, open and honest communications to give our people as much time and resources as possible to ease this transition. As a globally distributed workforce, standing united allows us to maintain uninterrupted support for our clients.

Information sharing and collaboration will keep us safe and increase the speed by which we return to a level of normalcy. We encourage our employees to stay well-informed so Pivotree launched an internal COVID-19 website where the latest information is provided on how we can all prepare, respond, and help as we navigate this unprecedented situation together.


Helping our clients – providing an essential service and maintaining business continuity remains our focus

Standing united extends to our clients, vendors, and partners as well. Our message is clear – we are all in this together. In the wake of lock-downs and social distancing, digital commerce has emerged as the only channel for many of our clients. Some of our clients provide essential services in their community, creating significant spikes in demand particularly for those in the food or medical supply industries. As a result, many companies are experiencing heavier traffic loads and supply chain disruptions, making business continuity and online operations a mission-critical service. The Pivotree team is focused on ensuring services perform optimally and that all systems operate without interruption.

Pivotree has reviewed and updated disaster planning measures in all of our data centers and client support functions to ensure continuous service during this crisis. Additional business continuity measures have been taken to ensure 24×7 responsiveness, with extra members on our support team to ensure all inquiries are answered promptly. Our team is approaching every day as an opportunity for defining moments – whether that be successful project deliveries, supply chain improvements, commerce sites thriving at peak times, and no unplanned downtime.

Many of our vendors are being asked to help and face challenges of their own in coping with the pandemic. They form critical parts of the essential services we provide to our clients and will continue to be a part of our united response. Vendors can count on open, respectful and empathetic communication from Pivotree as we continue to support and help each other.


Adapt relentlessly, anchored in core values

Pivotree has spoken about our will to adapt relentlessly, to help our customers move at the speed of data. We could have never predicted what working at the speed of COVID might look like, but here we are.  We remain inspired by the innovation and creativity we already see at work. Governed by Pivotree’s core values, our leadership team and employees are working together to adapt and respond as we help clients manage through this crisis.

Finding creative ways to shift resources has helped our clients meet immediate needs and prepare for the months ahead. We have clients that are extending their commerce and digital footprints or optimizing their systems, particularly in retail, where closed stores have pushed eCommerce into traffic levels that resemble the holiday season.

Clients in the food industry are accelerating transactional commerce and fulfillment options . Clients in the medical supply industry are deploying the guided selling function with less dependencies from their team.  The message is clear – adapt now.


We are preparing to emerge stronger

Although we are all in ‘survival mode’ right now, we remain optimistic that the “turn” is coming,   ‘re-invention-mode’ will accelerate and we all will emerge with better and stronger solutions. We already see the wheels in motion, witnessing examples of selflessness and innovation that have left us inspired– some of these stories come from our own clients.

We know that the actions and goodwill we implement today will not only help in the short term, but the long term as well. Core to any business are its people, partners and its clients, and we will continue to offer an empathetic response as we find ways to help and come together through this crisis.

As we move forward, you can count on our steady response, acting with speed and compassion, to provide the service continuity you need.

With warm wishes for health, safety and hope,

Bill DiNardo